Stock Ref: AST 1842

A good example of this famous cutlass by Chaterault dating from 1841 complete with its original leather scabbard with brass fittings.

67.5cm (26.5”) heavy blade with clipped point and flat back. The blade is single edged except for the last 6”. The blade is engraved on both sides with an anchor and on the back with Manufacture Ro de Chaterault Aout 1841. There is a maker/inspection stamp on the blade at the base of the ricasso. Original washer.

Heavy iron shell guard with its original black finish to both the inside and outside. At some point the outer shell appears to have been painted gold, but much of this has worn away. Iron octagonal grip continuing into pommel with flattened circular tang button. The inside of the bowl has manufacture and inspection marks.

Maker: Chaterault

Dated: August 1841

Black leather scabbard with brass mounts and outer loop with remains of leather strap. The locket has manufacture and inspection stamps.

The cutlass and scabbard is generally in good condition. The blade has some earlier staining and the edge of the blade has seen much wear with several knicks the origin and dating of which is uncertain. They may be practice damage. The bowl guard is intact. The paint finish is worn. The scabbard is in very good condition the seam is sound. The brass fittings have patination commensurate with age.

This pattern of cutlass was made between 1835 and 1862. It was nicknamed by the French ‘Cuilla re a pot’ (ladle) because of the shape of its guard and was used during the reign of Louis Phillipe and later. It was the model for the United States 1861 Cutlass.

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