Stock Ref: AST 1786

A very good example with original scabbard of this rarely found Senior French Naval Officers sword dating from the restoration, after the defeat of Napolean at Waterloo

80cm (31.5”) hollow ground triangular shaped blade with needle point. The blade is decorated on the rear with gold filled foliate designs and a stand of arms. The other two edges have foliate designs. The rear is etched with possibly the makers name K&C.

Gilt brass stirrup hilt with turned down guard decorated with laurel leaves and an anchor, small rearward turned up guard decorated with a scallop shell design. Rearward facing quillon, with acanthus bud finial. The stirrup guard is decorated on both sides with laurel leaves and a rosette. Spherical pommel engraved on the forward side with an anchor. Ribbed two piece mother of pearl grip, with decorated leaf motif side panels.

Maker: Probably Ketland & Co. Birmingham, England Traded from Whithall Strret, and Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham from 1807. (The family had extensive links with America exporting many swords to that country and that probably meant they had French contracts)

Dated: 1816-1830

Black leather scabbard with brass throat and chape. The upper mount with a stud fitting for a sword belt.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age, especially given the frailty of the scabbard and the blade. The blade is intact for its full length and has an overall staining. Some of the gold inlay to the decoration has been lost but the engravings remain clear. The hilt is in very good order. The gilt finish remains and there are no dents. The hilt is firm on the tang. The mother of pearl grips are as new. The scabbard leather has some wear but the seam is good, the brass fittings are intact.

Because of the frailty of this particular pattern examples are normally found without scabbards, with shortened blades and with damage to the mother of pearl. This makes this particular sword a rare survivor. Probably made for a senior French naval officer i.e. Captain or Admiral.

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