Stock Ref: AST 1759

An important example of rare attack hilt fighting sword probably used as a Sabre de Bord

69cm (27”) slightly curved flat backed blade with large fuller running to within 9cm of the hatchet point, and a second narrow fuller running along the back edge. The blade is single edged except for the last 6cm, and is unmarked.

Brass slotted hilt with an additional sliding knuckle guard which swings through 90 degrees. The guards have scalloped edges and the quillon is shaped as a scallop shell. Large brass ferrule and back piece culminating is a helmet shaped pommel and raised diamond shaped tang button. Two colour leather grip bound with brass twisted wire.

Maker: Not known – possibly Coullier of Paris who designed the original attack hilt in the 1780’s.

Dated 1780 – 1790

No scabbard.

The sword is in good condition for its age and long service use. The blade has an overall patination and is devoid of markings. The hilt is in good order, although part of the spring mechanism for the folding guard is missing. The guard still moves well and is secure. The hilt is firm on the tang. The leather grip and wire are intact.

This very rare pattern of sword is illustrated in Sim Comfort’s book Naval Swords and Dirks Page 380-381. His example is virtually identical except for the length which is 2.5” longer and the engravings to the blade. The decorative style of the hilt is the same. A similar sword is also illustrated in May and Annis Swords for Sea Service Plate 97 and referenced on Pages 143-144. This sword is in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

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