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A very interesting naval officers hanger which has been created by marrying a late C17th early C18th Blade with a cutlass style hilt. Possibly for a Merchant Navy Officer or Privateer.

72cm (28.25”) curved blade with spear point and a flat back. The blade has one deep central fuller running to the tip and two smaller fullers parallel with the back of the blade starting 9” from the hilt, one ending 5.5” from the point and the other running through to the point. The blade is single edged except for the last 5” where there is a back edge. There is what appears to be a makers mark on one side of the blade near the hilt.

Two bar hilt forming an open bowl shape with wide flat back quillon. Helmet shaped pommel with prominent tang button and steel back piece with retaining ridge. Horn handle bound with brass wire.

Maker: Not known

Dated: c1740 (Blade c1680)

No scabbard.

The sword is generally in good condition for its age. The blade has suffered from earlier rust damage which has left staining and some surface pitting. The sharpened edge has feathered. The guard is in good order, there is very slight movement on the tang. The horn grip has wear near the pommel but is otherwise in good order the wire bindings are complete.


The blade is much earlier than the hilt and looks to have been formed from either an earlier hanger or a cut down cavalry sword. The style of the hilt and the guard is Northern European and there is the possibility that the sword may have Dutch or Danish origins, although British Naval and Merchant Navy Officers were known to have used earlier rehilted ‘Hounslow Hangers’ as they produced very effective weapons.


Sim Comfort in his book Naval Swords and Dirks illustrates a Naval Hanger with a similar blade Page 26-27 Book 1 which he dates to c1740.

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