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An excellent example of this Solingen made rarely seen Dutch Naval sword dating from the latter part of the 19th century.

84cm (33”) bright steel, pipe backed unfullered blade with quill point. The blade is heavily etched with on both sides a crowned fouled anchor, extensive scrolling foliate designs and a sailing ship. The etchings are continued over the spine of the blade. On one side there is the makers mark, and on the other a scroll containing the word Yzerhouwer (quality or proof mark).

Gilt brass on steel hilt with half bowl pierced scroll guard and a cartouche containing a crowned fouled anchor. Lion head pommel and gil;t brass back piece. Ivory hilt bound with brass wire.

Maker : E & F Horster, Solingen Germany (1850 -1974)

Dated: 1882 – 1945 (From 1945 the grips have been of white plastic)

Black leather scabbard with gilt brass on steel fittings and two loose hanging rings.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age. The blade has only some minor staining and the etchings are as new. The hilt is in very good order, there is some wear to the gilt finish, the grip is in very good condition with minor loss to the wire bindings. The scabbard has some scuffing and wear, however, the seam is good. The gilt brass mounts show wear.

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