Stock Ref: AST 1854

A very fine example of a pre-republic Infantry Officers sword with a heavily etched blade.

This sword has been reserved until the 12 January 2018

84.5cm (33.25”) straight rounded back narrow single fullered blade with clipped spear point. The blade is frost etched and heavily patterned. On one side is the royal coat of arms of Savoy, stands of arms, foliate designs and the makers name, and on the other stands of arms, the Savoy eagle and foliate designs.

Plated half bowl 3 bar hilt with black wooden ergonomic grip with steel back piece part cross hatched. Flattened oval tang button

Maker: Brescia

Dated: 1888 – 1946.

Nickel plated steel scabbard with two loose rings and brown leather hanging straps with belt clip.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age. The blade is free from rust and staining. There is one small knick. The etchings remain very clear. The bowl guard is in very good condition with only minor staining. The grip is intact and firm on the tang. The scabbard has some wear patches to the nickel plate. The seam is good, there are no dents. The leather on the hanging straps has wear.

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