Stock Ref: AST 1742

An interesting variant pattern of the 1771 French artillery sword with a plain grip.

48.5cm (19”) gladius shaped double edged blade with spear point and two parallel fullers near the hilt and a single fuller towards the point. The blade has a diamond profile and is unmarked.

Heavy solid cast brass hilt with ribbed grip and crosspiece with rounded ends, secured to the tang with 3 steel rivets. Shaped pommel and rounded tang button. There may be an unidentified armourers mark on the underside of one of the cross pieces.

Maker: Not known (see below)

Dated: 1771 –

No scabbard

The sword is in good condition for its age. The blade has some staining but no pitting and the tip has been rounded. The edges are free from knicks. The brass hilt has some scratches but is otherwise in very good condition and firm on the tang.

This sword has many characteristics of the French 1771 Artillery sword which was used in the American War of Revolution and was later revived by the French in 1816 and by the US in 1832. All of these swords had a double edged diamond profile blade with two small and one large fuller, and a cast brass hilt with a plain cross piece with rounded ends. In the case of the French 1771 this normally had an eagle hilt, and in the later swords the hilt had a scaled grip rather than ribbed.

The ribbing on this grip, and the absence of any makers marks suggests more local manufacture such as was seen in America at the time of the Revolutionary War and in the Confederacy at the time of the Civil War. Further research is needed.

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