Stock Ref: AST 1740

A highly unusual ‘Gladius’ style sword probably dating from c 1750-1800.

49.5cm (19.5”) broad gladius style blade with central fuller. The blade is double edged and has a narrow central fuller and a spear point. The blade is 6cm wide at the hilt.

Cast brass hilt with narrow straight cross guard and ribbed brass hilt with diamond lozenge shaped pommel  and tang button. There appears to be a makers mark  ( Z or 2 or S ) on the underside of one of the cross pieces.

Maker: Not known (see below)

Dated: c1750-1800

No scabbard.

The blade has an overall brown patina from earlier rust, the edges are free from knicks. The brass hilt has a few small knock marks and there is very slight movement on the tang.

This highly unusual sword has some characteristics of the ‘gladius’ style that was first seen in France in their 1771 pattern, and was later seen in the French 1832 pattern and that of other European countries as well as in America. It is a non-regulation pattern which could mean that it has North American origins from the revolutionary period.

Further research is needed.

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