Stock Ref: AST 1608

A very good example of a rarely seen French Hanger 

59.5cm (24”) slightly curved unfullered blade with flat back and hatchet point – double edged for the last 7”. The blade is unmarked except near the hilt where there are some unidentified marks.

Brass half basket guard comprising brass slotted hilt with two large side bars joining the knuckle guard and one small scroll bar in between with solid backpiece and beak nosed pommel and flattened tang button. Leather covered wooden grip bound with twisted brass wire.

Maker: Not known French

Dated: c1800

No scabbard

This sword is in good condition for its age and service use. The blade has suffered from some water damage and there is a casting fault on one side. There is some staining and a few small knicks but no rust damage. The hilt is intact and firm on the tang. There is some wear to the leather on the grip . The wire is intact.

Sim Comfort in his book Naval Swords and Dirks shows a naval sword with an identical hilt but a different blade. In his notes he makes reference to the fact that ‘This type of hilt was popular with Non-Commissioned Infantry or Artillery Officers and that this hilt design became used across military departments’.

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