Stock Ref: AST 1890

An outstanding example of this rarer pattern which ceased in 1884. The quality of manufacture, and especially of the brass work, suggests that this was for a Senior NCO.

81cm (32”) diamond shaped double edged blade with needle point. The blade has two narrow fullers on both sides running for 40cm from the hilt. The face of the blade is engraved with Mre.d’Armes de Chat. Mars 1882. Epee de S.O. Mde 1857. (Sous Officier or NCO)There are 3 Inspection marks to the ricasso.

Brass stirrup hilt with double shell guard, the inner hinged and the outer applied with a flaming grenade. The stirrup has 4 maker’s inspection marks. Brass wire bound grip. Ovoid pommel.

Maker: Mre.d’Armes de Chat

Dated: March 1882.

Black painted scabbard with one loose ring.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition. The blade is as new, and the hilt is in excellent as new condition and firm on the tang. The scabbard has been overpainted. It is free from dents.

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