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A Prussian made version by Alexander Coppel of Solingen

88.5cm (34.5”) curved single fullered blade with flat back. The blade is single edged except for the last 9” and has a clipped point. The blade is plain except for the makers mark on the ricasso and a Crown C on the back.

Heavy brass three bar hilt with helmet pommel. Brass wire wrapped leather grip. The inner part of the guard is stamped with the crown c mark, the underside has  inspection and rack markings.

Maker: Alexander Coppel (Coppel was trading from Solingen between 1882 – 1887. Of Jewish ancestry despite providing weapons to the German Government throughout WW1, and being a leading citizen in Solingen, the firm was forcibly taken over by the Nazis and many of the Coppel family were murdered or died in Concentration camps).

Dated: 1882 – 1887

Black painted steel scabbard with two loose rings.

The sword is generally in good condition. The blade is clean and free from rust except for two small patches on the ricasso. The hilt is in good order and free from dents. There is wear to the leather covering of the grip, although the wire bindings are intact. The scabbard has been painted black and there is loss on the seam at the back through rust damage towards the chape.

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