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A good, clean, well marked, example of this iconic sword by Klingenthal from the First Restoration dated January 1815, with a later replacement 1854 pattern hilt.

97cm (37.75”) straight double fullered blade with flat back and spear point. The blade is single edged except for the last 5” and has been combat sharpened.The blade is inscribed on its back with the makers name and date – Manfure Rle  du Klingenthal Janvier 1815 - and has B, L and mark on the face of the blade.

Heavy brass 1854 pattern four bar hilt stamped 577 with four inspection marks. Helmet style pommel with domed tang button. Leather wrapped guard with remains of original brass wire.

Maker: Klingenthal

Dated: January 1815  (We find this specific wording during the period of the 100 days leading up to Waterloo and during the first restoration period (Rle = Royal) -ex: Manfure rle du Klingenthal ... - from April 1814 until probably May 1815)

Straight iron scabbard with two loose rings. The upper ring mount stamped 411.

The sword and scabbard are in good condition for their age and long service use. The blade is in excellent condition with minimal staining and no knicks. The hilt is in very good order and firm on the tang. The grip has lost its original wire binding. The scabbard is in very good condition with no dents. It has an overall brown finish.

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