Stock Ref: AST 1821

A very good example of a General or Staff Officers sword from the earlier half of Victoria’s reign with a fine frost etched blade.

80cm (31.5”) curved unfullered blade with a rounded back and a hatchet point. The blade is single edged except for the last 11”. The frost etched blade bears on both sides the crowned royal cypher for Victoria (VR) above scrolling foliate designs and a crossed sword and baton. On one side is the maker’s name.

Gilt brass cross guard hilt with rounded finials heavily decorated with foliate designs with on both sides a circular laurel wreath containing a crossed sword and baton Two piece plain Ivorine (see note below) grip with gilt floral head studs.

Maker: Watson & Co Bombay (They were supplied swords by Wilkinson’s)

Dated: 1837 – 1876 (VRI – Empress of India used from 1877)

Brass scabbard with two loose rings.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age. The blade is in very good condition with minimal staining. There is some earlier rust damage on one side of the blade near the hilt which has left slight surface marks. The frost etching is otherwise as new. The hilt is in very good order and firm on the tang. There is minor wear and discolouring to the ivorine grip from service use. The scabbard is in very good condition with only minor dents.

Note - Ivorine is an artificial product resembling ivory in colour or texture widely used on British swords from the Victorian period onwards.

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