Stock Ref: AST 2003

An extremely rare example in very good condition belonging to India’s Imperial past probably for a Senior Mounted Officer.

91.5cm (36”) slightly curved single fullered heavy blade with spear point. The blade is single edged except for the last 8”. The frost etched blade is decorated on one side with the Crown VRI cypher for Victoria Empress of India, scrolling foliate designs and the makers name. On the reverse NWP & Oudh above a crowned garter badge containing the royal cypher for Victoria – the badge of the Indian Police Force. 1857-58 Police Force, scrolling foliate designs and a brass proof mark.

Steel three bar hilt with rearward quillon. Cross hatched pommel with part cross hatched back piece. Black fish skin grip with silver wire bindings.

Maker: R B Rodda & Co Calcutta. (An Outfitter Rodda’s were supplied swords by Wilkinson and are listed in their trade catalogues.

Dated: 1877 – 1901

Plated steel scabbard with two loose rings.

The sword is in excellent condition. The blade is free from rust and staining. The original etchings remain clear. The hilt is in good condition with some light speckling from earlier surface rust. It is firm on the tang. The grip and wire bindings are as new. The scabbard is in good condition there is some damage to the plating and speckling from earlier surface rust.

The India Police forces established in the North West Provinces (NWP) (now Uttar Pradesh) under British Rule date their origins back to 1843 when Charles Napier annexed Sind. Modelled on the Irish Police Forces they were subject to regular reviews, and effectively date their structure back to 1857.

The separate forces of NWP and Oudh were merged in 1877. At that time the Provincial Police comprised Civil, Armed and Mounted units, and it is highly likely that this sword belonged to a Senior Officer in the Mounted section who was probably British. To give some idea of the size of these Police Forces in 1877 the smaller Oudh force comprised 7680 Officers and Men.

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