Stock Ref: AST 1943

A good example of a fighting weight version of this iconic sword, carried by British line infantry officers throughout the Napoleonic wars.

82CM(32.25”) straight flat backed single fullered blade with spear point. The blade is single edged except for the last 6”. The blade is engraved on the back with the makers name and on one side of the blade with the royal cypher for George III, a trophy of arms and foliate designs, and on the other with the royal coat of arms, a trophy of arms and foliate designs.the blade with the royal Cypher for George III, and scrolling foliate and martial designs.

Gilt brass hilt with double shell guard the inner hinged, stirrup hilt, rearward foliate decorated quillon. Fluted urn pommel with acanthus decoration, with prominent tang button. Silver wire grip.

Maker: John Justus Runkel (Traded between 1795 – 1808 from Tookes Court London, and imported blades from Solingen)

Dated: 1796 – 1808

No scabbard

The sword is generally in good condition for its age. The blade is stained but free from rust. The engravings remain clear. The hilt is in good condition, the inner hinge is original and undamaged. The silver wire bound grip is slightly loose in places. The tang button is a later replacement. There is slight movement on the tang.

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