Stock Ref: AST 1861

A good example of an early Victorian Infantry Officers sword from the Crimean War period

81.5cm (32”) slightly curved single fullered blade with rounded back. The blade is single edged except for the last 6.5”. The darkened blade is etched with the crowned royal cypher for Victoria and scrolling foliate designs. The sword has been combat sharpened.

Gilt brass gothic style hilt, with cartouche containing the crowned royal cypher for Victoria. Hinged inner guard. Brass back piece with acanthus design and stepped Pommel. Fish skin grip with copper/brass wire. Gold sword knot with gilt bullion knot.

Maker: Not Known (There are faint traces of the makers name and address on the forte)

Dated: 1845 – 1854 (The single fullered blade was introduced in 1845 and the fold down inner guard discontinued in 1854)

Brass scabbard two loose rings.

The sword is in reasonable condition for its age and long service use. The blade is darkened and stained but has minimal rust damage and the original etchings are still visible. The makers name has been polished out. The hilt is in good condition, the brass work having a nice age patina and is firm on the tang. The fish skin grip and wire bindings are in very good condition. The gold sword knot is in good condition the bullion is faded. The brass scabbard is in very good condition with minimal denting.

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