Stock Ref: AST 1926

A very good example of the rarer pattern of Indian Army 1912 Cavalry Regimental Officers sword with a fine engraved blade.

90cm (35.”) Straight single fullered blade with flat back and spear point. The blade has been combat sharpened. The blade is decorated on both sides with the royal cypher for George V (GRI) beneath the royal coat of arms and above a laurel wreath, extensive scrolling foliage. On one side there is the makers name and royal warrant and the stamped letters I S D under the Indian War Department mark, and on the other a brass proof disc with the date 1931.. Leather washer.

Plated steel bowl guard heavily embossed with a honeysuckle ladder pattern incorporating the crowned royal cypher for George V (GRI). Fiskskin wrapped pistol grip with brass wire . Embossed stepped pommel. Brown leather sword knot.

Maker: Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London

Dated:  1931

Brown leather scabbard with Indian Army markings on the throat.

The sword and scabbard are in good condition for their age and service use. The blade has some staining and there is minor rust damage along the back of the blade.The etchings remain very clear. The bowl guard has some staining on the inside. It is firm on the tang and there are no dents. The fishskin grip has some wear commensurate with service use. The sword knot has been repaired with black tape.The scabbard is in good condition. The tab for the sword frog has been repaired with black tape. The seam is sound.

A specific 1908 pattern was made for Indian Army use – this was slightly shorter and lighter than the British Army version. This appears to be a variation of the 1912 for an Indian Army Officer with a smaller grip, however, unlike the 1908 the blade is the standard length. The other variation is the inclusion of the Royal Cypher on the outside of the bowl guard.

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