Stock Ref: AST 1917

A very good example of this famous sword which was used throughout the Napoleonic Wars by the British and their allies and later by English Yeomanry Regiments.

72cm (32”) curved flat backed single fullered blade with hatchet point. The blade is single edged except for the last 7” and has been combat sharpened. The blade is decorated with blue and gilt. On one side there is the crowned royal cypher for George III, other designs include a Turkish bonnet, a fleece, a mythical winged dragon beast, and other foliate and mystical designs. Leather washer.

Brass gilt stirrup hilt with rearward downward curved quillon. The langets with fine lion mask. Lions head pommel and part mane back piece. Sword knot slit near the pommel. Marine bone* chequered grip with banding.

Maker: Not known – the style of the decoration indicates that this sword was probably an import from Solingen

Dated: 1796 – 1815

Steel scabbard with two loose rings

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition. The blade retains much of its original bluing and gilt although both are faded. The remainder of the blade has some staining but no rust. There is a small knick towards the tip. The hilt is in very good condition and firm on the tang. There is loss to the inner part of the grip near the pommel. The scabbard is in very good condition. It has an overall grey patina and some minor dents.


The grip is we believe made of carved bone or marine rather than elephant ivory. The bone is in the form of a carved outer casing over a wooden former, which in turn surrounds the tang. Under the proposed Legislation on Ivory products within the UK this item would be exempt under the de-minimis or 10% rule as it predates 1947. 

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