Stock Ref: AST 1913

A very interesting early example of the 1821 pattern which appears to have been made for a Trooper or NCO rather than an Officer.

83cm (32.5”) slightly curved pipe black blade with quill point. The blade is plain with no markings.

Steel 3 bar hilt with rearward quillon stamped with a rack number 78. Plain back piece and pommel. Black leather shrunk grip on wood.

Maker: Not known

Dated: 1821-1824

Steel scabbard with two loose rings. The chape is stamped 78.

The sword and scabbard are in good condition for their age. The blade has some staining but no rust damage. There are a number of small knicks in the cutting edge of the blade which has been combat sharpened. The guard has some surface pitting but is otherwise in good condition. The leather grip has some wear commensurate with use. There is no evidence that it was ever wired. The scabbard is in good order with some minor dents.

Although the pipe back blade is more commonly seen on Officers swords, the presence of a matching rack number on the sword and the scabbard, together with the plain nature of the blade and the hilt, as well as the leather grip, strongly suggests that this sword was produced for a trooper or possibly an NCO. If so it is a rare surviving example of a little used early 1821 pattern.

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