Stock Ref: AST 1731

A very good example of this rare pattern of bayonet made by Heighington for a rifled musket.

56.5cm (22.25”) straight blade with central fuller which extends through to the spear point. The back of the blade has been sharpened for the last 5”. Flat back inscribed with the makers name. The blade is stamped on the ricasso with an unidentified inspection mark and 4.

11.4cm (4.5”) Steel socket hilt with single stirrup guard. The rim is pierced for an India catch and on the opposite side has a sighting notch. MRD 23.5. Overall length 70.1cm (27.6”)

 Maker: Heighington (John Heighington traded from Bordesley Mills, Birmingham from 1847 – 1853 when he merged with Lawrence).

Dated: 1847-1853

No Scabbard

The bayonet is in very good condition for its age and service use. It has an overall grey patina. There is some staining but no pitting or knicks to the edges.

British & Commonwealth Bayonets devotes no less than 6 pages to the various patterns of Sappers and Miners bayonets in use in the East India Company between 1820 and 1853. This particular bayonet was imported from England and appears to date from c1850 (See Example 122 Page 325). This bayonet was designed to fix horizontally on the side of the musket/rifle rather than underneath in the vertical position. It has a cut out in the rim for the India Catch and also a sighting notch indicating its probable use on a rifled musket.

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