Stock Ref: AST 1844

An exceptional example of a British silver hilted small sword by William Kinman.

82cm (32.25”) straight hollow ground triangular shaped, double edged blade with rapier point.

Cast silver hilt with boat shell guard decorated with a scallop shell to the rear and reeded borders, this style of decoration continued on the stirrup hilt. Forward and backward quillons ending in scallop shells, and pas d’ane. Silver ribbon and three part silver wire bound wooden grip. Elongated fluted ball pommel with prominent tang button. The outside of the shell guard is stamped with the Sterling Silver mark and the initials WK. There is no visible date or city mark.

Maker: William Kinman (traded from East Harding Street, London between 1759-1773 – see below)

Dated: c1760 - 1770

No scabbard.

The sword is in very good condition for its age. There is some staining to the blade which does not appear to have ever been decorated. The silver hilt is as new. There is some staining through oxidization to the silver bindings on the grip.

William Kinman was born in 1728 and died in 1788. He is recorded as a prominent silver hilt maker and also a founding member of the Founders' Company of London. See L. Southwick 2001, pp.159-160. Examples of his work are held in the Wallace Collection, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Army Museum, Edinburgh Castle.

An almost identical sword is illustrated in Leslie Southwick’s book London Silver Hilted Swords Plate 59, and a similar sword in his Price Guide to Antique Edged Weapons Plate 182. A similar sword is described and illustrated in May and Annis - Swords for Sea Service Page 14 and Plate 11 dating from 1761.

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