Stock Ref: AST 1736

A very good clean well decorated example of a mid 18th Century Hunting Hanger or short sword .

62cm (24.5”) straight flat backed blade with single fuller to the top edge. The blade is sharpened on the bottom edge only and has a rounded tip. Both sides of the blade are stamped with an unidentified makers mark (Possibly a crown or fleur del lys).

Cast brass hilt with stirrup guard, brass pommel with prominent tang button and wide ferrule and downward scallop shaped guard. The guard is decorated with a seated figure with a harp (Possibly Orpheus) surrounded by cornucopia with grapes and foliage. The ferrule is decorated on both sides with a reclining bare breasted woman. The stirrup hilt is decorated on both sides with an armed man bearing a sword. The pommel has half naked figures reclining with cornucopias and grapes. Reeded horn grip.

Maker: Northern European

Dated: c1750

No scabbard

The hanger is in very good condition for its age. The blade has an overall grey patina through age and some minor knicks to the edge There are some old rust marks. The guard is slightly loose on the hilt.  The brasswork is in good order. The horn grip is in very good condition and tight on the tang. 

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