Stock Ref: AST 1660

A very good example, possible French, of a gentleman’s sword cane or stick with a diamond shaped long blade.

95cm (37.5”) Malacca sword stick with 72cm (28.25”) diamond sectioned blade with a needle point. The first 22cm of the blade is a flattened diamond shape with a narrow central fuller on each side.

Turned rosewood globular pommel with short Malacca handle and gilt metal wrythen fluted collars, the upper collar bearing a suspension loop, which doubles as a press stud.

Tapering Malacca cylindrical haft with upper gilt metal wrythen fluted collar and inner brass former for blade, and long brass ferrule.

Maker: Not known probably French

Dated: 1880 – 1900

The stick is in good condition for its age. The blade has some earlier rust damage which has left some staining and minor pitting. The haft is in good condition with only one minor split towards the collar. There is a split/joint in the collar. There are some surface knocks and staining. The ferrule is intact. Some of the gilt has worn off the collars and the press stud fixing is stiff.

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