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A good and very interesting example of an early French Solingen made small sword, possibly a Mourning Sword, dating from c1680

77.5cm (30.5”) straight double edged diamond shaped narrow blade with needle point, and deep central fuller on both sides for the first 18cm. The blade is undecorated although the inside of the fuller is engraved with letters and symbols. One set appears to read Rach in Solingen.

Heavily pierced shell guards decorated with scrolling foliage, pas d’anne and incised decoration. Slender D shaped knuckle guard with foliate decoration. Ovoid pommel with fire gilt decoration depicting a helmeted figure on one side and a gragon on the other both with the background of a stand of arms and banners. Prominent tang button, Spiral fluted dark horn grip.

Maker: Solingen, France

Dated: 1680 - 1700

No scabbard

The sword is in very good condition for its age. The blade has some earlier minor rust damage towards the hilt, and appears to have lost about 0.5cm in its length. The blade is otherwise undamged. The shell guard is slight bent and loose on the tang but is otherwise undamaged. The remainder of the hilt is in very good order and the grip is undamaged and firm on the tang. Some of the fire gilt is worn on the pommel.

The darkened nature of the steel, the black horn grip and the somber nature of the decoration, except for the small amount of fire gilt on the pommel suggest that this may have been a ‘mourning sword’

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