Stock Ref: AST 1612

An excellent original example of a rare sword from the time of the American British war of 1812, with a less common Inspectors mark.

85.5 (33.75”) curved unfullered flat blade with square back, single edged except for clipped point. The blade is stamped with the makers name. LS (Luther Sage) P – Proved and US.

Angled iron stirrup hilt with rearward facing downward quillon, beak nose pommel and steel backpiece. Wooden grip.

Maker: Nathan S Starr (Snr) & Son – Middletown CT (The Starrs’ built a new sword factory in 1813 on Staddle Hill on the West River, which used water wheels to power the machinery)

Dated: 1813

Iron black japanned scabbard with two loose rings and thin chape.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age and service use. The blade is intact and has suffered only minor earlier rust damage. It has an overall dark patina. The hilt is intact and firm on the tang. The wooden grip is intact and undamaged but has lost its original leather covering. The scabbard is in very good order, both rings and retaining screws are present, there are only minor dents.

In 1812 Nathan Starr was awarded a contract to make 4000 Cavalry Sabres of a new design for the US Government linked to the War against Great Britain. After an initial production run of 1000 in March 1812 an improved design was introduced and the contract was extended to a total of 10000. This sword is one of the later 9000 made. The majority of these swords were proved by Henry H Perkins, but a limited number were inspected and marked by Oliver Allen and Luther Sage.(Harold L Peterson – The American Sword 1775-1945

Other information from American Swords and Sword Makers – Richard H Bezdek

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