Stock Ref: AST 1871

A very fine example of a Northern European Solingen made, diplomatic court sword with hollow ground blade.

78.5cm (30.75”) slim hollow ground triangular blade with needle point. The blade retains traces of its original gilt/gold inlay with engraved foliate designs and a stand of arms. The back of the blade is engraved with the makers name.

Oval disc guard with two small arms of the hilt and crosspieces ending in downward curved ball finials. The guard is finished on the outside with a small stud pattern and on the inside with larger raised studs forming a border and a hatched pattern round the edge. This hatched pattern is repeated on the ricasso. Copper/brass three strand wire grip. Fluted adam style pommel with repeat of hatched pattern. Original chain guard.

Maker: IWM Solingen (Possibly linked to the Weyersberger family)

Dated: 1770 - 1790

No scabbard.

The sword is in very good condition given its age. Remarkably despite its delicate nature the blade and hilt remain undamaged except for staining which has left an overall brown patina. The blade is full length and free from rust. The hilt is as new and the chain guard original. The wire bindings are intact. The pommel has received a knock and is slightly offset but undamaged.

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