Stock Ref: AST 1837

A very interesting French naval officer’s short sword dating from the latter half of the 18th Century

54cm (21.25”) slightly curved slim single fullered blade with flat back and spear point. The blade is single edged and has been sharpened for use in the past. There are traces of engraving on the blade.

French silver crossguard with double quillon and silver marks for Louis-Pierre Favier. Silver ferrule and helmet shaped pommel. Fluted and ribbed ebony grip.

Maker: Not known possibly Laurent Depe

Dated: c1770

Associated later leather scabbard

The sword is in very good condition for its age. The blade has an overall grey patina. The ebony grip is in very good condition and firm on the tang. The silver crosspiece is intact but has some movement and the silver pommel has minor denting. See also below re copper bands. The later associated scabbard has lost its tip..

A very similar sword is illustrated in Swords for Sea Service by May & Annis. Plate 96 and Page 249. This sword which was made by Lauent Depe, was surrendered to a Lieut. Morris of HMS Nymphe, which was commanded by Captain Edward Pellew, by the 2nd Captain of La Cleopatre on the 18 June 1793. This was the first major French warship captured during the conflict and Pellew was proclaimed a hero.

The blade on this sword is 23.5” long and has copper bands on the ebony hilt which are not present on AST 1837 although there are ridges in the ebony for them.

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