Stock Ref: AST 1669

A very interesting example of a very rare sword possibly for a mounted Excise or Revenue Officer.

75cm(29.5”) curved blade with flat back, single edged except for the last 8” with a hatchet point.

Brass knuckle guard with additional side guard and a circumferentially grooved grip shaped to the hand. The browned grip is made out of cast iron. The top of the guard is stamped HC 1805?

Maker: Not known

Dated: 1800 – 1820 (Possibly 1805)

No scabbard

The sword has suffered considerable wear over the years. Earlier rust damage has left staining and pitting on the blade. The guard is intact and firm on the tang although the grip has some movement.

In the early part of the 19th Century smuggling was a serious threat to the Country, and in addition to foot and boat patrols, mounted officers were used to patrol the coastline. They were armed with pistols and a sword and this appears to be an example of a mounted Exciseman’s sabre.

There is reference in British Naval Swords and Swordmanship to mounted Excise and Revenue Officers, and this pattern of hilt is known to have been used within the Revenue service. There is also reference in Annis and also Swords for Sea Service to the production of Cutlasses on a Regional basis for use by The Revenue (Customs & Excise) throughout the British Isles. In 1998 as part of an Article by Lankester & Rimer entitled "A 19th-Century Chest of Arms", published in the Royal Armouries Yearbook, Volume 3, 1998. They showed a picture of a group of six cutlasses of various designs which were gathered in to the London Customs House from various provincial Customs offices and which were photographed at the Tower Armouries in the 1960's. These swords show very similar characteristics to this sword.

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