Stock Ref: AST 1716

A good example of this more rarely seen pattern which dates from the early years of the Facist state in Italy.

82cm (32.25”) slightly curved diamond profile blade with narrow central fuller on both sides for 42cm and tapered spear point. The blade is unmarked.

Steel cup hilt with central open slot and smaller lozenge shaped sword knot hole. Rearward facing downturned quillon. Ebony hatched grip with fluted pommel and flattened oval tang button.

Maker: Not known

Dated: c1929

Steel scabbard with two loose rings.

The sword and scabbard are generally in good condition for their age. The sword blade has some staining from earlier rust damage towards the point and a small knick. The guard is in good condition with some staining to the inside of the bowl. The grip is in very good condition and the guard is firm on the tang. The scabbard has staining and surface marking from earlier rust, the seam is intact.

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