Stock Ref: AST 1810

An excellent well marked example dating from 1878 with matching scabbard numbers.

92.5cm (36.5”) curved blade with hatchet point. Broad central fuller to within 6.5” of the tip with narrow fuller along the flat back. The blade is stamped on one side with manufacture and inspection marks and on the back with the makers mark and date. The blade has been combat sharpened.

Brass three bar hilt stamped with 626 and makers/inspection marks, with oval guard, and helmet shaped pommel Brass wire bound leather grip.

Maker: Mre. d’Armes de Chatt Janvier 1878 Cav’rie. Lre. Mle 1822

Dated: January 1878

Steel scabbard with single loose ring, numbered 626 and maker/inspection marks near top

The sword and scabbard are in an as new condition. The blade is in excellent order with no rust or staining. The guard and grip are as new and the wire bindings are intact. The scabbard has minor staining slight denting on the inside from stirrup/spur strikes.

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