Stock Ref: AST 1590

A good example of this bayonet which was originally made for the Model 1840 Percussion Carbine, and has been adapted in 1859 to take an internal spring.

57.5cm (22.75”) yataghan shaped steel blade with broad central fuller. Flat backed with spear point. Double edged for the last 4” The blade is marked on the back with the makers name date of manufacture and pattern, and has inspection marks.

Brass hilt with ribbed grip and internal spring catch. The hilt is secured to the tang with one rivet. Curved cast steel crosspiece with backward facing quillon, and muzzle ring with forward facing quillon. The crosspiece is numbered 169 and stamped with an M.

Maker:  Manufacture Imperiale de Chât

Dated: February 1869

Heavy steel scabbard with belt ring. Numbered 60 with an X and possibly 19 and 077

The bayonet and scabbard are in excellent condition for their age. The blade has its original steel patina and is free from rust and has minimal staining. The grip and hilt are intact and the spring works. The scabbard is in very good condition with on overall brown patina and no dents.

The internal coil spring of the M 1859 was not considered successful by the French and the M1866 Chassepot reverted to the leaf spring.

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