Stock Ref: AST 1818

A very good early example of the rarer pattern of levee sword with pipeback blade.

83cm (32.5”) slightly curved pipe back blade unfullered with quill point. The blade is single edged except for the last 8”. The blade is decorated on both sides with a panel containing the crowned royal cypher for George IV and scrolling foliage.

Gilt brass gothic style hilt with a cartouche containing the crowned royal cypher for George IV. Acanthus decorated back strap, stepped pommel and flattened circular tang button. Folding inner guard  Fish skin grip with copper/brass wires.

Maker: No Known

Dated: 1822 - 1830

Black leather scabbard with gilt brass fittings, two loose rings and a belt stud

The sword is in excellent condition for its age and has at some time been professionally refurbished with new gilting to the hilt and scabbard fittings. The leather scabbard has also been renewed. The blade is in its original condition and although stained is free from rust and knicks. The panel etchings remain clear.

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