Stock Ref: AST 1815

A good example of a WW1 produced sword, probably by Mole for Ranken & Co Calcutta.

82cm (32.25”) straight dumbbell shaped blade flat on the back and edge with a deep central fuller and spear point. The etched blade is decorated on both sides with the crowned royal cypher for George V, above a laurel wreath and extensive foliate and strap work designs. On one side there is a brass proof mark, and on the other the Retailers name. The back of the blade is stamped M9617

Plated steel three-quarter basket hilt with a scroll pattern and pierced strap work incorporating a crown and the royal cypher of George V. Fish skin grip with copper brass wire bindings. Cross hatched back piece. Brown leather sword knot.

Maker: Ranken & Co Calcutta. (Probably made for Ranken by Mole – the absence of a GRI cypher suggests that this was sold to a British Officer serving in India.)

Dated: 1914 - 1918

Plated steel scabbard with two loose rings

The sword and scabbard are in good condition for their age and service use. The blade has an overall grey patina but is free from rust. The etchings remain clear. There is some minor staining. The guard has some damage to the plating with lifting on the inside and outside of the bowl. The blade is firm on the tang. The fish skin grip and wire bindings are in very good condition. The sword knot has wear. The scabbard has some damage to the plating near the throat but is otherwise in good condition with no dents.

The quality of the blade makes this a good restoration project.

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