Stock Ref: AST 1781

A very good example of this rarer pattern marked to the 9th Lancers and later to the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry Cavalry

88cm (34.5”) heavy slightly curved flat backed blade, with deep central fuller, single edged except for the last 8.5” and spear point. The blade is stamped 90 and has Enfield inspection marks and later inspection marks for 93. There is a WD stamp, an out of service X and an M.

Sheet steel half bowl guard with turned over edges, and Maltese cross cut out. Upper part of guard with cut out slit for sword knot. Grip of leather strips fixed either side of the tang with 5 steel rivets. The tang is stamped with an Enfield inspection mark and B.1. Blancoed leather sword knot. The inside of the bowl is stamped with various regimental markings including 9 L (9th Lancers) 7/91, 5 – 7, Y D.L.O 16 (Duke of Lancaster’s Own – Yeomanry Cavalry).

Maker: Enfield

Dated: 1890-1891

Steel scabbard with two fixed rings. Stamped Mole Patent, 87 (for 1887), WD with various Birmingham Inspection marks, 11/96 V F. E. L. 64 (Forfarshire Light Horse Volunteers).

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age and long service use. The blade is as new and the markings crisp. The bowl guard is undamaged there is some staining to the inside of the bowl. The sword knot has some wear. The scabbard has minor dents probably from stirrup strikes but is otherwise in very good condition. There is a slight ‘salt & pepper’ finish from earlier rusting.

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