Stock Ref: AST 1779

A very good example of a Cavalry Officers fighting sword from the Napoleonic Wars

84cm (34”) curved single fullered, single edged blade with flat back and hatchet point. The blade is plain, there are faint traces of the makers name on the back of the blade.

Stirrup hilt with slot for sword knot by pommel Rounded shield shaped langets and rearward facing quillon with downward finial. Fluted steel backpiece  with two small ears fixing the leather covered grip with original silver wire.

Maker: Not known. (Possibly Osborn or Woolley)

Dated: 1796 – 1815

Steel scabbard with two loose split rings.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age. The blade has some staining but no rust. There are some minor knicks to the edge. The hilt is firm on the tang and in very good condition. The grip is original and the wire bindings are intact. There are some worm holes to the grip. The scabbard is intact , the seam is good. There is one retaining screw missing from the throat. The scabbards has some dents and an overall grey patina.

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