Stock Ref: AST 1825

An as new example of a late 19th Century Diplomatic Court Sword from an English cutler.

81 cm (31.75”) straight narrow double rounded edged blade with a needle point. The blade is unsharpened and is frost etched decorated on both sides with a stand of arms and scrolling foliate designs. On one side is the makers name.

Gilt brass forward curved guard embossed with the royal cypher for Victoria above laurel branches a studded rim. The guard is finished with a crosspiece with ball finials. Decorated stirrup hilt cumulating in a crown. Copper wrapped grip

Maker: Hill Brothers Old Bond Street, London

Dated: 1856 – 1901 (Hill Brothers traded from 3 and later 3&4 Old Bond Street between these dates)

Black leather scabbard with gilt brass fittings and two loose rings.

The sword and scabbard are in an as new condition. The blade is free from rust and staining except at the tip which has been cleaned, and the frost etching is very clear. The hilt is in very good order. The scabbard is intact with only minor scuffing.

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