Stock Ref: AST 1787

A good example of an 1860 German made sabre imported at the time of the Civil War by Horstmann of Philadelphia.

This sword has been reserved until the 26 August 2017

90cm (35.5”) curved flat back blade with main single fuller and secondary narrow fuller near the back. Clipped point. The blade is single edged except for the last 10”. The blade is marked with the importers name and also has a makers mark and also the blade makers mark.

Three bar brass hilt with helmet pommel and domed tang button, the top of the guard is stamped 2. Leather wrapped grip with remains of original brass wire.

Maker: Horstmann Brothers & Co Philadelphia PA 1854-1893 (US Civil War enlisted sword contracts – swords were imported from Solingen in Germany – Clauberg and Gebruder Weyersburg. Only 13440 M1840 and M1860 swords were imported by Horstmann making this a rarer sword.)

Dated: 1860-1865

Steel scabbard with two loose rings.


The sword and scabbard are in good condition for their age. The blade is in very good condition with only minimal staining towards the point. The hilt is in good order and firm on the tang. The leather grip is intact but the wire binding has been lost. The scabbard is in good condition with only minor scuffing and staining and no dents.

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