Stock Ref: AST 1794

An unusual Court Sword named to Madden Esq.

There are a number of Maddens documented in 1862, and this sword may well relate to John Madden of Hilton Park, County Monoghan who was a JP, DL and High Sherriff. Further research is required.

87cm (34.25”) straight double edged unfullered blade with spear point. The blade is decorated on both sides for half its length with a heavy scrolled foliate design. On one side there is the crowned royal cypher for Victoria, and the makers name, and on the other a crossed flag design and brass proof disc. The edge of the blade is numbered 11912.

Brass stirrup hilt with central decoration, short cross guard ending in flattened ball finials. Double folding shell, decorated guards one with the crowned royal cypher for Victoria and a laurel wreath design, the other plain. Pommel in the form of a crown with square tang button. Silver wire wrapped leather grip.

Maker: Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London

Dated: 26 May 1862

Black leather scabbard with brass chape and locket with lined decoration.. The locket with a stud fitting in the form of a scallop, and on the reverse a shield containing – Wilkinson Gun & Sword Maker, Pall Mall, London.

The sword and scabbard are in very good condition for their age. The blade has some staining along the edges particularly towards the point, which has left some surface pitting but otherwise the decorations remain very clear. There are no knicks. The hilt is in excellent order. There is no damage to the brass work, both hinges are original and work. The grip and wire bindings are as new. The scabbard is in very good condition. There are minor scuff marks to the leather, the seam is good and the brass fittings undamaged.

There are a number of Maddens documented in 1862 and further research is required.


  • Wilkinson sword record.

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